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Social media has been the key junction for the maximum number of individual in this world . we spend maximum time using on social media .
We always eager to update profile with our latest happening. We want to have good number of followers in fact the fame of the brand or the person is decided by its social media followers and like and share.

what is this social media and how social media management services impact any business ?

Social media is the platform where the people gather to share their view , expression and feeling with the world .
every social media platform has the unique concepts in its self of how people can express them self like , fb has form of posting to YouTube is like video platform so as to Pinterest is just image posting .
But though they have different concept of connection their purpose is just same connecting the world.
Major social media platform are:-
1:- facebook
Facebook is one of best platform to connect with the targeted audience for any brand . Facebook is online social networking company based in Menlo park California .
It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard collage friends .
It was founded in feb 2004. Its revenue is around 7,069.7 cr usd till ( 2019 ) It is also counted in world top five company along with Microsoft , amazon, apple and google .
It do acquired the platform like instagram , whats app and oculus . It is amazed to know that company has 845 million active user and its web site features 2.7 billion daily like and comments .

Why facebook is so popular ?


Facebook help different people to get experimenting with themselves and know actually who they are .
Some individual feel like they can express themselves easily on social media as compare to the real world as they believe they are likely to be more secure in virtual world than real .
It can also become people can personalized there profile and communicate with their friends more easily share their stories , happening and real excitement .
With facebook there come some risk :-
1:- privacy
2:- predators :- some people can targeted audience through the fb .
3:- Cyber bulling .
4:-Meeting content :- fear of meeting stranger people face to face.
5:- content :- some time the content on social media is unsuitable for the young people .
Staying safe with facebook :-
Please do not allow any primary or other individual to interfere with id and do read the ( )

What are the things that we can do on fb related to business and personal profile ( i.e things that we can do for small and large business on facebook ) ?

Facebook help in following :-
1:-making the connection that matters
2:-Accomplishing your business goal
3:-Tell your beautiful story to any one on any device
4:- You can find your fan and followers and let them find you by creating :-
1:- build an page on the fb it help in connecting with different people and also help them to find your business .
2:- you can protectively reach new customer on fb . the fb ads also help in reaching to the targeted audience more easily .
3:- you can inspire your user with post video content .

How to setup business on fb :-

1:- create your personal id .
2:-create the page of your you own business and promote it using the SMO strategies and SMM strategies .
3:- sharing your page post , video and images in group and #tag to as to spread it maximum place . so maximum visibility .

What is SMO ( Social media optimization ) ?

It is known as the social media optimization . this include all those activity that are non-paid to promote any business on social media .
The social media optimization done in order to make our profile and work reach out to huge number of audience for the maximum brand awareness and lead generation.
These activities include:- posting on page , profile, group .

How does social media management services help in getting the business ?

The relevant content is directly lied and shared by the user the people who has like your page get the notification instantly you post any thing on the page or group . This help in reaching the bulk customer very easily .
One of the most important question is that how to increase the visibility of the page and the post ?
Relevant post with relevant content and information with best infographics and daily update and regular sharing with hash tag containing into it.
Help reaching the maximum audience interested in the similar topics .
Do share your post and video in group or other places .

So what is SMM ( social media marketing ) ?

This include all the paid aspect to promote the business this is basically done through the google ads .
Different b/w post boost and sponsored ad on the page ?
1:- post boost are just to reach the common audience of the profile or the friends of the friend .
2:- the ad manager help in reach way beyond the limitation of the all algorithm on the fb . Like:-
The ads on fb can narrow targeted based on the demography , interest , behavior which can help us to reach the targeted audience more easily .
Depth explanation of ads manager of fb :-
we can create the fb ads in ad manager for following purpose .
1:- brand awareness .
This is used for just awareness among the people this do not requires the narrow targeting of the individual .
This contain :-
1:- brand awareness
2:- reach

2:- consideration :-
This is for people to visit the digital platform like web site , app store and video view for lead generation . The narrow targeting in this very important this play very key role in targeting the most relevant audience for the most targeted audience.

It contain :-
1;-web traffic
2:- engagement
3:- app install
4:- video view
5:- lead generation
6:- message

3:- conversion :-
all the ads in this stage help in purchase or catalog sale this consist of :-
1:- conversion
2:- catalog sale
3:- store visit

Along with this we can promote our page for like and follower from the page ads itself . this is complete SMM .

Objective of SMM services :-
Basically derive the conversion in the business and increases the profit of the company .

what is You tube. how you tube management services help in business growth ?

It is the online video sharing platform . based in san Bruno, California founded on feb 2005 . its parent organization is the Google it generate the revenue of 15000 cr USD ( 2019). YouTube is well known as the video blogging site . the audience on the you tube are constantly increasing .
Due to the trust of the content it is likely to belong the video search engine in world . The YouTube has become the problem solving for the people which one of the most factor why you tube is famous among people .


How youtube management services help in marketing for your brand ?

1:- business need to create there channel on YouTube and put the relevant video explaining there ability to work or educate them that will help in generating the new new subscriber of your channel help in the reaching out to the new audience .
Now day the people are searching on you tube and directly reaching out to business and communicating with them and converted into leads .
You can do the you tube video SEO . this help in making video gone viral . This is nothing but making video rank on the keyword which is relevant to your business .
So that the targeted audience can be aware in most relevant way regarding your business .
2:- the you tube channel video can also be promoted using the paid ads which is directly trigger from the ad word s platform of the Google . this help in getting new users very quickly .

Monetizing aspect of the YouTube ?

People can earn simply creating there channel and uploading video if they reach the 10 k subscriber and 4k video watch time hour . they start earning from the YouTube . video which is the most use full thing of YouTube . The ratio of the money divided is 6:4 where 60% belong to person and 40% belong to YouTube .

Conclusion for youtube management services :-

This is the best platform to promote you business as the user constantly searching for the problem on YouTube also . it help in getting the most targeted user from the platform .
The conversion ration the user from the you tube is quite high and they are mostly converted in to end user for your business as they are all ready convinced watching the brand on YouTube .

what is Twitter . how Twitter handler services help in business growth ?

Twitter is also the one micro blogging and social networking website which founded on 21st march 2006 . Based in san Francisco, California, US .
The twits of this plateform matters as the social message to people . this is basically used by big famous personality and is very costly in term of the marketing .
Similarly the marketing is also done on the instagram and linkden plate form also.

what is Instagram . how Instagram management services help in business growth ?

Instagram :- it is the image sharing plate form where please regularly up date there beauty full art work on share with world the #tag on instagram matters a lot .
This is also good plate from as there you too find the great audience which can be converted into your business users.

What need to be done on instagram to derive the business ?

Only regular posting is need on instagram . with right has tags on post this its self derive all the interested user on ur id .

Strategy to get the instagram followers and like on instagram ?

Just post quality work with hash tag and do not forget to promote you post by promoting in the form of the paid ads through the narrow targeting this will help in getting the right customer and better followers on instagram .
Suggestion for brand on instagram:-
Instagram is slow but best platefrom right now so that why please and work for some month you will get the proper results .

what is Linkden . how Linkden services help in business growth ?

Linkden :-
It’s the one of platefrom that basically made for the corporate people to maintain their profile . this platefrom generally help or mediate between the company the job aspirant . it help in getting the right people to right company .
if a individual is maintain the there profile on link den that is great for them for future aspect . Company can create there company page and start doing the real activity .
this platform do take post article with has tags and has the relevant group as well .
How to get business through the linkden plateform ?
The linkden also has the good amount of people who are here they are basically the corporate people directly related to company .
higher authority also present here so if you want to sell some good stuff to people you can do it using there regular activity like posting tagging to hash tag , sharing to group . you can publish your article on linkden also this will also help in gaining the targeted audience .
Paid activity can also be done like sponsoring the ad and they boosting them to the targeted audience this will help in getting the most right audience for your business .

Conclusion of the social media management services in Delhi ?

No brand can afford to miss the social media if they are doing they are really missing a huge targeted audience the potential audience is there on the social media .
these plate form need to be focused in order for profit maximization in your business .

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