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All About Performance Marketing Services
How it Works, its Channels and Benefits
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In very simple word we can call performance marketing as the digital marketing strategy that totally focus on result give or way of audience interaction with company products or services. This action is very much to be results oriented and should fulfill goal and objective.

People also take it as the performance based marketing in normal term to understand they are right too but for expert theses performance marketing it all expertise and goal oriented task fulfilling work. It hits the ads or product advertisement to direct niche and force them to take the necessary action which is the objective given by company.

How exactly Performance Marketing Agency Works

It work on simple and easy way when advertiser partner connect with onlydigitalway to design and run the performance marketing services and advertisement for the company on any channels like :- Social media performance marketing channels :-
2:- Linkedin
3:- Twitter
4:- Instagram
5:- YouTube

Search engine performances marketing channels :-
1:- google
2 :- bing

Other performance marketing channels :-

1:- blogs
3:- website partnership etc..

On this following channel the advertisement done based on the term condition. The advertiser only make the payment if its ads has full fill the right objective by measuring the number of clicks, impressions, shares, or sales through the advertisement . was campaign performed average ,medium or maximum . the output is the total decision making thing in performance marketing .

Pillars on what bases the score of performance marketing services is taken out?

1. Cost Per Click (CPC)
While running the ads in search engine what is the CPC by Google or Bing and after optimization how much you are paying average CPC is the most important parameters .

2. Cost Per Impression (CPM)
Impressions are essentially views of your ad. With CPM, you pay for every thousand views

2. Cost Per Sales (CPS)
This is most important parameters in terms of deriving the sale and is measured by seeing the previous sales record and the present sale record history. if the number of sale has improve its good .
else a performance marketer give you the reason why sale might has gone down by its all analytic knowledge . he or she will also help you creating positive environment by removing all negative points that might be impacting sale or band name .

4. Cost Per Leads (CPL)
This is another parameter where the performance marketing is judged on the results and the quality of results.
This is basically cost per leads for services, events, booking etc… here the number of leads in particular amount and the quality of those leads decide the performance marketing.


What are the different ads through which the performance marketing can be carried out on different channels :-

1:- banner ads (Display ads)

This type of ads runs on the facebook , instagram , linkedin , twitter and considering the search engine then the display ads of google. But out of it if the cost is limitation then linkedin and twitter is costly platefrom so that can be kept a side .
So facebook , instagram , google display ads are most relevant in this . and there performance matters the most .

2:- Native Advertising
Running the ads on the YouTube as sponsored video ads is the most common form .
it redirect audience to website and help them to take the details related to product or services or even make the purchase decision .

3:- content marketing
Its help in creating the perfect funnel for audience journey and aware them step by step to final decision making. This type of marketing is also called to be inbound marketing where and user goes through the journey and makes its decision in the end.
This is one of the strongest way of doing the marketing and it has the greatest impact on conversion.

4:- social media and search engine
Doing social media optimization and sharing content to right niche help you reaching the targeted audience and this results in conversion or leads .
Similarly the SEO search engine optimization can help you rank on the right keywords and that can leads to direct customer conversion. This is also one of the most important for of the targeted marketing.


Benefits of performance marketing services:-

With growing day by day the demand of digital marketing has evolved and this has led evolving of digital marketing company. But this digital marketing has many limitation people are often confused with what they need to do or what not. As digital marketing its self is vast. When they stick to performance marketing this is just the results oriented thing that is what everyone need.

We onlydigitalway just develop a such good strategy that will full fill your goal in minimal to minimum cost. The performance marketing is the future of all marketing. if you are looking for performance marketing services than the onlydigitalway is the way place for you will get the performance marketing expert deepa vij and shyam gupta .

Who will consult you to the best of your need and will give you the most need strategy for your growth . Call now to us .

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