Monetization your business and monitoring it

Monetization monitoring services for your business

Monetization mean allowing the ads to show in your web site , app or video platform .
Monetization is done in order to start earning through our web content , blog content, blogger ( micro blogging platform ) , app or through the YouTube video .
In the maximum cases the content are monetized with the google adsense platform but there are other platform where monetization be enabled .
so have two great platform to monetized our content :-


1:- google adsense
2:- taboola

What is Google adsense and how it can help in earning money ?

The google adsense is the platform that monitor or trigger the ads on different platform of google and google affiliate partner .
If you want to monetized your web content or video content first you have to be the affiliate partner of Google then it allow you to trigger and kind of ads you want to show to your audience .

What are all the platform that can be monetized with help of Google adsense ?

Following are the platform that are eligible to show ads :-
1:- website content
2:- blog content
3:- blogger content ( micro blog )
4:- you tube video content ( you tube channel )

How to verify our platform for monetization ?
1:- login to the Google adsense platform and if it is the website or blog add that web site and the code you get to verify your web site put it in the header section .
if the content on your web site is unique and contain bit of visitor than you can monetized it easily .
2:- the second step is to where you want to show the ads it is not like that Google can show its ads any where but only the specific space where you put the ads code in you web site or blog .. the place that is allocated to Google will show ads only there .
3:- while in the case of video i.e YouTube channel you can just need to synchronized the adsense wit the YouTube it will automatically start showing the ads . if mandatory condition of you tube monetization fulfilled .

Purpose for monetization :-


Why it is important to monitor the monetization ?

It is very important that you need to monitor the monetization as you earning totally depend on it . if anything like notification or any relevant step need to be taken you about take it immediately as avoiding the can cause the suspension of your channel or adsense account .
this will leads to years hard work waste . Only digital way has great experience in handling the social media profile and monetization you can take our help in path of guidance to success .
That will cause the definite success and we will let you live tension free on the our part .

Taboola monetization :-

This is very good platform where you can monetized the web content only not the video content of you tube .
This will only monetized the website content . you should be very careful while monetization with taboola . as it has the strict category ad content also , so please restrict the adult ads on taboola so, that only relevant ads regarding your website is shown on your website .
For more info on to this read the taboola website guideline .

Conclusion for business monetization :-

Monetization help in earning and for long lasting and ever green earning you need professional to guide as there are many term that get updated quite often you need to know and has to work according .
So , use onlydigitalway to handle your monetization platform we will love to take care of your earning .


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