Best business analysis services through analytics by Onlydigitalway

Best business analysis services through analytics

Google analytics and Google web master tool is the best tool to analysis the business .

Google analytics tool for the business analysis services :-

Google analytics is a tool that help in understanding the audience behavior on our website . it predict the factor like , bounce rate , CTR, exit page , unique and repeated visitors .
demography of the audience interested in your brand etc. These all factor help in understanding that the website is been performing good or not .
it even let you understand the people behavior when they reach your digital platform . It predict very well the best sticking page of the website .
how people are discovering your web site content and which specific page they are liking and helping in most conversion.
you can know the duration of people staying on the particular page .

So , question arrive here that :-

Why Google analytics is important for your business?
How does Google analytics work for your business?
What are the different dimension and matrices on Google analytics ?

What kind of data are available on the Google analytics for business and what do you get out of them ?

Following are things regarding the Google analytics that is need to understand and can be measured with help of Google analytics :-
1 :- how many unique and return visitors are coming to our digital platform like in daily ,weekly, monthly and yearly bases . which is great to know as the part of analytics .

2:- the location of the visitor from where they are visiting the web site the country and the city and even the percentage of the customer divided in different location . This data really tell you where to focus in the local or globally in the platform .

3:- it tell you about best page that making the conversion in your website .

4:- about the bounce rate of the website i.e. how quickly the people the people are jumping out of your website .

5:- the average amount of time spend by the visitor on your website .

6:-amount of return and unique visitors we are receiving for specific page .

7:-How many referral visitors we are getting .

8:-Number of goal completed by the visitor visiting the website .

9:-Goal path of the website visitor which path they are taking before completing our specific goal .

What are the important factor of Google analytics that we need to understand for our business ?

1:-Unique visitor :-

The matrices related to the unique visit the people has given to your website . i.e. the people that has never visited your matrices ever before .
There is always two aspect that every business owner confuse of unique visitor and number of session .
There are both are totally different unique visitor would be counted only one . while the number of session he can create multiple i.e. he can visits the same page multiple time on the website .

2:- bounce rate :-

this is how quickly people are jumping out of yor website page . from study it show that the bounce rate above 40%-50%is not good for the organic ranking of website .

Landing page :-

This is the page of website that are found in search engine. Get the click by user and derive the visitor to our website. If your top entrance page are your top exits page than you need to work on your landing page as there something wrong into it.

Average time on site :-

This is one of most important factor that matter to most company as every company want to maximize .
the profit and this is directly relate to users who spend maximum time on website in two way i.e.

1:- most of visitor that spend longer time on website are converted into the lead for the business i.e. we need to focus that people spend much time on the website .
2:- you need to focus on more time spend of people of the people rather than finding more unique visitor for your website it is important as visitor can drop easily if you are not focusing on website they will we dropping off this effect your ranking .
If the average time spend of the visitor on website good than remember google or any search engine would prefer your website very easily this will help very easily getting the ranking of website .

Traffic source :-

Through keyword ranking is important it is also matter of facts that your source of traffic :-
( i.e facebook, pinterest, linkedln, press releases, directories, outside referrals, organic search from Google , bing , or yahoo etc..)

These all factors are very well under stood from Google analytics that is why it matters you lot .

Suggestion of onlydigitalway:-
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Google web master tool for business analysis :-

Google web master tool is tool of google that help in analysis the error of your web site theses error relate to your website and need a correction in order to make your website rank in search engine like google .

When google bot fetch , index ad crawl your web site its find many error like external and internal links to your site , crawl rate , keyword with which user landing on your website , click through rate CTR for each keyword , see your site statistics and many more .

Note:- the web master data become better with the data of analytics both help you take the most relevant step regarding your website .

How to integrate the web master tool with the website ?

Just go to web master and add your website with proper domain extension and prefix domain you want to prefer selected the verification method and verify website .

How google web master help in improving your business ?

Google web master offers the following section :-
1:- search query
2:-Link to your site
3:- crawl error
4:- Keyword
5:- sitemap

1st :- search query :-

This section show you the keyword on which your website is getting the click and also suggest the related keyword that can give you more conversion . it is best if list match the keyword your website is optimizing but you can also see few other keyword which you are totally unknown now if this is the case than pick these good keyword and start optimizing for them too .

In this section of search query you can also find the number of impression and number of click , which give you an idea about CTR for the keyword .

The higher the click through rate mean that keywords is getting good amount of click from google not to be disturbed . If CTR is low work on keyword and improve it for the better results in your business .

Link :-
This section will Tell you the use full link of external and internal link . The most important function this is to disallow all bad link . but do not use this tool too much it can have adverse effects also .

Crawl error :-
Theses are all theses error google find which it is fetching your web site pages . Theses error include in accessible pages missing pages server error and all sorts of problem that google from crawling your site .

Keyword :-

This section show you the type of keyword found on your website . this totally different from search query as this only include the key word found not the section to optimized your website on different keyword .

Site map :-
This section help in understanding Google bot how to crawl your website .

Robots.txt :-
This will tell you about the website is infected by male ware or not . This section also let you fix domain syntax ( with or without www. ) to be display in search .
The file in this robots.txt help in telling the google bot the preference of the page which need to be fetch in first in sequence . This was all the factor how google web master can help you in your conversion .
Please do take them seriously and implement them to your web site .

our sugeestion :-

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conclusion for business analysis services :-

onlydigitalway has the depth exposer in analyzing the data of the google web master and analytics . we are best people who can guide you to your path of success .
we can help you to grow as the brand an through these tool we can create be grate different in your business . so trust on us and collaborate for the path of success .

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